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telephone voice changers Telephone Voice Changers

Looking for an easy way to change your voice over the phone? Professional telephone voice changers make it possible. You can disguise your voice in many ways with our voice changer gadgets. They will digitally alter the sound of your voice so you can't be recognized.

If you want to keep callers from knowing it's you, get one of these telephone voice changers. These amazing gadgets make it possible to change a woman's voice to a man's voice or vice versa over the phone.

Some models you find elsewhere are meant for gags and fun phone tricks while the high-quality, professional voice changer units we carry will create a realistic sounding voice that will be unrecognizable as your own. You place the ear cups over the phone mouthpiece and speak into the back of the voice changer unit. No cords or compatibility issue. Works with all phones.

Our telephone voice changers create an easy way to change your voice over the phone. When your caller ID displays a number you don't recognize, use them to add a level of security when you answer the phone. Perfect for women living alone and the elderly.

If you're looking for a truly professional application, the professional voice changer is the best option. All of the voice changers you'll find that are under $30 are not as realistic sounding as our professional models. When it comes to voice changers, the better the electronics, the more realistic they sound. The better ones cost a little more because they have better electronics in them.

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Telephone Voice Changers


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Telephone Voice Changers - Professional Portable Voice Changer

Professional Portable Voice Changer

SKU: VC300
Professional Portable Voice Changer -- The "new" professional telephone voice changer is portable and compatible on all telephones. Simply attach the acoustic coupler to your telephone's handset, adjust the selector switch and your voice is immediately... See details

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