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Telephone Security Telephone Security

If you need to protect your private conversations while on the telephone, you'll be glad to know that we have a variety of tools available to help with that. Telephone conversations are one of the top targets for those that are trying to 'get the dirt' on you. It is possible for someone to tap your phone line. There are taps to your phone that occur at the phone itself usually through the handset. Also, it is possible for someone to do a downline wire tap on your phone from a distance. These are sometimes difficult to discover. However, if you are using the right tool, you can generally know whether or not your phone line is tapped.

Normal bug detectors don't detect taps on a phone line. Bug detectors usually will detect wireless signals otherwise know as RF, or radio frequency signals. Your internet router and cordless telephone use those types of transmission methods. However, when someone has put a tap on your phone, it may be a bug that can be picked up by a bug detector, but most of the time it will be a downline tap or a redirection of the handset electronics to another device that can listen or record. We have the tools to discover any of these types of taps.

When you're talking on the phone and don't know for sure if there is a listening device around, you can use a white noise generator to mask or cloak your conversations. These devices put out an audible white noise that is meant to desensitize microphones that may be nearby. This will help keep conversations private. These devices can be used not only while talking on the phone but while having face-to-face conversations as well.

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Telephone Security

White Noise Generators
White Noise Generators


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Telephone Security - Lawmate Cell Phone Detector

Lawmate Cell Phone Detector

SKU: CDcelldetector
Lawmate Cell Phone Detector -- Detect Any Cell Phone. This highly specialized device is built for detecting the use of any cell phone in the area. Set the Cell Phone Detector down, adjust the sensitivity and it will let you know when any cell phone in... See details

Market price: $799.99 save 51%
Our price: $389.00

Telephone Security - Cell Scrambler - Voice Silencer

Cell Scrambler - Voice Silencer

SKU: CellScramblerU1000
Cell Scrambler - Voice Silencer -- The Cell Scrambler is designed to help prevent wiretapping by making your voice inaudible to anyone listening in. It is the world's first product featuring "Multiple Dynamic Phase Processing Technology", an innovated ... See details

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