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self defense clubsSelf Defense Clubs

Clubs have been around since caveman days. However, some people use these today for self defense. These specific clubs feature many of the traditional characteristics of clubs from older generations, without the splintering, rotting, cracking, warping, swelling, shrinking, or fading of wooden bats. To prevent the risk of cross-grain breakage, Cold Steel has abandoned the traditional hardwoods in favor of polypropylene. As you may know, this material is highly resistant to shock and is practically unbreakable, making it particularly suitable for use in these self defense clubs.

The Indian War Club features the ball-headed end of self defense clubs that were commonly used in the early 16th century. These types of clubs were also popular in the war-like tribes of the American eastern seaboard, eventually spreading to the Great Lakes region and northern Canada and spreading all the way to the Great Plains west of the Mississippi.

Our Indian War self defense clubs are approximately 2 feet long and feature a 3.25-inch diameter ball. They are fitted with a removable steel spike. For historical reenactors, the surface has a realistic wood-grain finish that can be easily customized with paint or ornamented with brass studs, tacks, or feathers. For added dynamism and increased effectiveness, the ball can be spiked with an antler, bone, knapped stone, or even iron.

The Gunstock War Club has many unique features as well. These self defense clubs closely resemble the gun-shaped clubs of the past. In close quarter combat, it was discovered that a rifle, shotgun, or musket could be an improvised club in the absence of suitable ammunition or a bayonet.

American Indians in the early sixteenth century observed these facts and wasted no time in fashioning their own gunstock war clubs. Their self defense clubs hit with remarkable force and proved to be extremely useful tools, as their hitting power was often enhanced by the addition of a short lance point or one or more knife blades.

Our Cold Steel Gunstock Self Defense Clubs also include the ridged centerline, short lance point, and classic ?Fawn?s Foot? handle of the original clubs. We have even given ours a very realistic wood-grain finish. This means you can easily customize your club with ?cut outs?, brass studs, tacks, feathers, horse hair falls or the paint of your choice.

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Self Defense Clubs


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Self Defense Clubs - Cold Steel Gunstock War Clubs - 29.5 In.

Cold Steel Gunstock War Clubs - 29.5 In.

Cold Steel Gunstock War Clubs -- Each of our self defense clubs features an unbreakable black polypropylene shaft. Our self defense clubs also include a carbon-steel blade with black oxide coating. You can easily customize these self defense clubs. See details

Market price: $64.95 save 15%
Our price: $54.95

Self Defense Clubs - Cold Steel Indian War Clubs - 24 In.

Cold Steel Indian War Clubs - 24 In.

Cold Steel Indian War Clubs -- Each of these self defense clubs features an unbreakable black polypropylene shaft. Our self defense clubs are fitted with a removable steel spike, which allows these self defense clubs to pack a real punch. See details

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