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phone tap detectors Phone Tap Detectors

Is someone listening in on your phone conversations? Find out now with one of our phone tap detectors. Our phone tap detectors are simple to use. Just plug them into your phone line and you're protected from any eavesdropping that occurs over the physical phone lines.

Our phone tap detectors range from the simple eavesdropping prevention type of phone tap detectors to our more sophisticated professional counter-surveillance equipment. Most people don't need our more advanced units which are geared more toward the security professional.

When we use the term, "phone tap", we're generally talking about when there is a device connected to your physical phone line somewhere. These can either be in your location or somewhere "downline" from your location. Someone can access a central connection box somewhere outside your location and essentially "tap" into your phone line to listen and/or record your conversations. In apartment buildings or office buildings, this is more easily accomplished because all of the lines usually go to a central wiring area within the structure.

Other than the aforementioned physical phone tap into your line, there can be "bugs" that are microphones installed somewhere inside your location that can be transmitting wirelessly to someone that is able to listen in or record your phone conversations. These types of bugs are easily detected with our standard radio frequency bug detectors. We have some units that are both radio frequency bug detectors and phone tap detectors. These units will protect you from both types of eavesdropping activity.

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Phone Tap Detectors

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