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listening devices Listening Devices

Our listening devices allow you to hear sounds that you normally wouldn't be able to hear with the naked ear. You'll find listening devices that allow you to hear through walls if you're trying to find that leaky pipe or even hear over great distances out in the open if you're trying to hear that trophy buck walking through the woods far in the distance.

If you really want to hear sounds from incredible distances, take a look at our parabolic dish listening devices. These products allow you to pinpoint faint and even inaudible sounds from 100s of feet away. You can put them on a tripod and hear the sounds, then zoom in with your binoculars. Any serious hunter should have one of these parabolic dish listening devices to help locate the really big game.

If you need to find a leaky pipe or listen for where the mice are at in your walls, we have a wall probe surface mike that allows you to do that. These can even be used to listen to your car engine to pinpoint that knocking noise accurately. There are many uses for these listening devices.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As with all of our "sound enhancing" products, these units are not designed or to be used to surreptitiously intercept oral communication. Use for this purpose seriously violates federal laws.

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Listening Devices

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Listening Devices - 5 Hour Telephone Recorder

5 Hour Telephone Recorder

SKU: TR-600
Get high quality recordings with our 5 Hour Telephone Recorder. This recorder features easy to use plug and play operation. The voice-activated recording feature means you'll only capture what is important - no dead silence or wasted tape! See details

Market price: $119.99 save 25%
Our price: $89.95

Listening Devices - Mini Digital Video Recorder

Mini Digital Video Recorder

Mini Digital Video Recorder -- The latest in audio recording technology is here. This unit has the capability to do much more than to hold up to 75 hours of audio recordings. With its attached camera, it takes color video, still images, and can even fu... See details

Market price: $189.99 save 33%
Our price: $127.95

Listening Devices - Telephone Voice Recorder

Telephone Voice Recorder

Telephone Voice Recorder -- Here's the ultimate telephone conversation recording device. Set up is simple: Plug the telephone voice recorder into a wall jack, pick the recording quality mode that suits the situation, then with one simple button press y... See details

Market price: $184.99 save 32%
Our price: $124.95

Listening Devices - Mini Telephone Recorder

Mini Telephone Recorder

Mini Telephone Recorder -- The Mini Telephone Recorder is a small, easy-to-use audio recording device that lets you record phone calls. Plug the Mini Telephone Recorder directly into your phone jack to record any phone conversation. It has a built-in s... See details

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