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Fox Labs - Law Enforcement Pepper Sprays - Cone Fog - 1 lb.

Fox OC Pepper Sprays - Fox Labs - Law Enforcement Pepper Sprays - Cone Fog - 1 lb. 
Fox Labs - Law Enforcement Pepper Sprays - Cone Fog - 2 Oz.

These special tactical units combine strong visual deterrent qualities with high-powered cone emissions to over 20 feet. Take quick control of an individual or a crowd. Ideal for terminating most any situation! High volume of pepper spray discharged per burst with these units.

Fox Labs Pepper Spray is the hottest pepper spray used by Police and Military Worldwide and is now available to the public. Most pepper sprays are between 1/2 million to 2 million Scoville heat units (SHU); however, Fox pepper spray is refined to 5.3 million Scoville heat units. These law enforcement pepper sprays are formulated to be the safest, hottest and most effective you can buy! These sprays are non-flammable, Taser-safe, and is a high emission cone-fog spray. Upon close inspection, you will find that only the highest quality materials and components are used in manufacturing.

These law enforcement pepper sprays use organic pepper resins that have at least a true 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating. Fox Labs was the first company to use resins with this intense rating in a 5% product and our formulas are still unsurpassed! In 1998, they became the first and only company offering a true 5.3 million SHU resin in a 2% solution. Additionally, the word ‘true’ is very important, because some companies have their own systems of heat measurement, or they are not even using organic resins, but rather something called PAVA, which is artificial OC, and not nearly as effective as the real stuff. What that means to you, specifically, is that they may say their law enforcement pepper sprays have the same intensity as FOX, but in reality they are far weaker, and less likely to afford you the same kind of results when you need them.

- Fox Labs Five Point Three Series
- 5.3 Million SHU
- 2% Oleoresin Capsicum
- .7 Major Capcaicinoids
- Dimensions:9” H x 2˝” Dia. (canister) x 5˝” Handle
- Contains approx 24 ˝ sec. bursts
- Spray Type: Crowd Control Hi-Density Fogger
- Spray Distance: 20+ feet



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