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Check out our wide selection of expandable batons, self defense clubs, self defense bats, escrima sticks, tonfas, and sjamboks. You're bound to find something in this section that will be a valuable addition to your self defense arsenal. Keep one of these self defense weapons in your car, home, or carry them with you if you think there is a possibility that you may be caught in a dangerous situation.

Most of our expandable batons are made of hard steel, making them an extremely powerful weapon to hold in your hand. Just what you need to whip out of your car, drawer, or closet when a threat arises.

We also have a nice selection of expandable batons that aren't rigid and act as a whip-type baton. These are easily retractable and provide excellent protection against aggressive dogs while you're out taking a walk in the neighborhood.

Our police tonfas collection contains some excellent side-handled batons that are used by law enforcement to a large extent. We're now making these available to the general public. They provide a high-degree of flexibility in repelling an attacker.

Be sure to look at our other unique self defense products in these section. You'll find self defense clubs, self defense bats, escrima sticks, and sjamboks. Each of these items can be effectively utilized to deal with an attacker.

We also carry an assortment of the high-end ASP batons that are widely used by law enforcement. These expandable batons are manufactured from the finest materials and will stand up to even the most punishing duty usage.

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