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Coffee Mug Concealment Devices

Miscellaneous Stash Boxes - Coffee Mug Concealment Devices 
With these new Thermal Coffee Mug Concealment Devices you'll be able to enjoy your morning coffee knowing that your valuables are safely hidden. This is one of those unique concealment devices that allows you to hide valuables inside an everyday travel coffee mug -- one of the last places a thief would think to look. The top portion can be used as an insulated coffee thermos. These coffee mug concealment devices have a no-spill top and will hold about as much coffee as a standard coffee mug will. When you unscrew the top from the bottom portion, you are provided with an area approximately 6 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter to hide your valuables.

Makes the perfect gift for use in homes, schools, offices, cars, boats or RVs. Take it along while traveling, boating or camping.

The color of the coffee mug may vary from the picture.



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