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barking dog alarms Barking Dog Alarms

Protect your home with our electronic barking dog alarms to help scare away burglars. The dog sounds that these electronic barking dog alarms create get louder as someone approaches nearer. When burglars hear barking coming from your house as they approach, they will most likely pick a less well-guarded residence as a target.

It is a well known fact that burglars don't like the sound of dog barking. When they hear angry dog barking coming from the house, they most likely won't suspect it's not a real dog. These electronic barking dog alarms make the best home break-in deterrent that we know of because they are so realistic sounding.

When you're away from your house, you can count on your Electronic Watchdog to keep your property safe. Our Electronic Watchdog creates realistic dog sounds that can't be distinguished from the real-thing and they're much cheaper to maintain than a real dog. You never have to feed it and the dog bark sounds that it generates sound just like an angry German Shepherd. For effect, you can even leave a dog bowl outside that has your invisible dog's name on it.

Our barking dog alarms function by using an electronic radar-wave sense control, which can detect through any medium such as: wood, cement, brick, glass, paper, cardboard, curtain, etc.

electronic barking dog alarmsWhen a thief or intruder comes within 7 meters of one of these electronic barking dog alarms, it will automatically bark (Woof! Woof! Woof!) imitating a genuine vicious dog. It is a very effective security alarm, which will immediately scare away any unwanted visitors. The Electronic Watchdog can reach a maximum volume of 100dB.

electronic barking dog alarms Applicable locations........offices, homes, supermarkets, restaurants, stores, warehouses, factories, etc.
electronic barking dog alarms Reliable 24-hour protection
electronic barking dog alarms No Installation required
electronic barking dog alarms Protection with none of the problems of owning a real dog.
electronic barking dog alarms Very realistic--barking gets louder and more frequent as intruder gets closer.
electronic barking dog alarms Switch from the barking dog to alarm or chime.
electronic barking dog alarms Radar sensitivity is adjustable from 10-20 feet
electronic barking dog alarms Adjustable Volume
electronic barking dog alarms Senses movement through walls, doors, and glass to alert you of a visitor's arrival.
electronic barking dog alarms Size: 9 inches tall
electronic barking dog alarms Maintenance free.

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Barking Dog Alarms


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Barking Dog Alarms - Electronic Watchdog - Barking Dog Alarms

Electronic Watchdog - Barking Dog Alarms

Electronic Watchdog - Barking Dog Alarms --The Electronic Watchdog barking dog alarms are able to "see" through walls to determine when someone is approaching and how close they are. When an intruder comes within 20 feet, these barking dog alarms bark ... See details

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