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The Time To Begin Protecting Yourself Is Before Something Bad Happens...Not After

Since crime rates aren't going down anytime soon, it is important for all citizens to prepare themselves and their families properly so they won't become victims of violent crime. Here at MIS, we believe that every American citizen has this right. Therefore, we provide many products that can be used for this purpose. Look around, you'll find thousands of products on our site. Many of them are unique and hard-to-find elsewhere.

The motivation for a self defense products shop grew from the desire of founder, Keith Mitchell, to find products for his three teenage daughters to carry with them for protection when walking to school. He knows how important it is for his daughters to be protected from harm at all times. His daughters each carry a personal safety alarm, a pepper spray device, and a stun gun with them, wherever they go. It is prudent to do so.

Everyday citizens can now level the playing field with the criminals of the world, without having to become proficient in karate techniques or carry a hand gun. Most likely, the police won't be standing there to help when an attack by a menace occurs. Further, criminals generally use some type of weapon during the commission of a crime. People have the right to dispense with any personal threat using appropriate measures. Blasting a perp in the face with some hot pepper spray or administering an earth shaking jolt from a stun gun are tried and true methods of self defense. People who Join the War on Crime, and carry our self defense products are less likely to become a violent crime statistic.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
Benjamin Franklin

"When you're well equipped, your ability to repel an attack is significantly enhanced."
Keith Mitchell

Get Prepared - Stay Prepared - Live Prepared

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