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90 Lb. Compound Rifle Crossbow with Scope

Fishing Crossbows - 90 Lb. Compound Rifle Crossbow with Scope 
90 Lb. Compound Rifle Crossbow with Scope

This 90 lb. compound crossbow rifle with safety comes with a fisherman's kit that is used for crossbow fishing. Excellent crossbow for the outdoorsman. Easy cocking stock makes it easy to load and the included 4X20 scope makes aiming a breeze. Comes with 3 kinds of arrows including barbed arrows for use when fishing. The Fishing Crossbow has a spool attached between the arrow and the front end of the crossbow to allow you to easily pull in your catch!

- 200 feet effective range
- Fast reload
- Comes with a built in compass.
- Compact light weight design- fun for all ages
- Strong steel cable bow with brass pulleys
- Unique rear cocking system
- 90 lb draw weight
- Front and rear sights, plus a 3/8" dovetail rail

Package Contents:
- 1 Pistol crossbow
- 1 4x20 Scope
- 10 6-1/4" Arrows
- 10 3" Darts
- 4 Retrieving arrow
- 2 Retrieval Reels

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